Group Changes Name to HVAC Elements

O’Connor Company, G & R Controls and Balancing Professionals have marketed themselves as O’Connor Group for over twenty years. With continued growth in four offices throughout North and South Dakota, as of December 1, 2016 our three divisions have decided to change the group’s name to HVAC Elements to better reflect the industry in which we serve. The name is the only thing changing. The three individual divisions will continue to operate under their current names (O’Connor Company, G & R Controls and Balancing Professionals). Our people, our locations, our service and quality all remain the same.  

The science of providing successful HVAC systems is made up of several elements, many of which include equipment, temperature controls, and testing and balancing, but the single most important element is the people that make it happen. We feel our employees encompass our dedication and expertise to the industry making HVAC Elements an ideal name.

HVAC Elements is only a DBA name. Vendors will continue to use W-9s and tax identification numbers for each respective division (O’Connor Company, G & R Controls and Balancing Professionals). Those numbers are not changing.

We invite you to explore the capabilities of HVAC Elements at