• 02.22.2021

    Air Filtration Affects More than the Air You Breathe

    ​Indoor air quality and efficiently running HVAC equipment is Tyler Pierce’s main focus when talking to facilities about filtration. Pierce knows filtration is key for keeping equipment clean which will maintain its operating efficiency as well as provide exceptional indoor air quality. Learn More

  • 12.21.2020

    Proper Air Flow: More Than a Comfort Issue

    Proper airflow is much more than a comfort issue. Especially in healthcare facilities, where the need to slow the spread of pathogens is a critical safety concern. Learn More

  • 10.21.2020

    Pennington County installs new air purifiers to fight COVID-19

    Global Plasma Solutions Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Units were installed in buildings like the Pennington County Jail, the Public Safety Building, and the courthouse. The purpose? To kill pathogens like COVID-19. “The ionization bars will deactivate the virus up to 88% in 15 minutes, it will deactivate the virus up to 99.4% in thirty minutes. Learn More

  • 09.08.2020

    Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Environment with Proper Humidification

    One area that too often gets overlooked in the ongoing effort to create clean and safe healthcare environments is the role of humidification. If we have higher humidity in a space, the molecules are going to hit other molecules in the air. Rather than lingering, they are going to drop to the ground. Humidity also has proven impacts on the body's ability to fight infection. Learn More

  • 08.19.2020

    HVAC company sees strong demand for new virus-killing device

    HVAC Elements wasn’t thinking about helping its customers fight a pandemic when it decided to offer a new product earlier this year – but the timing couldn’t have been better. Learn More

  • 07.31.2020

    23rd Annual Golf Classic

    The Sioux Falls offices of O'Connor Company, G & R Controls and Balancing Professionals hosted their annual golf tournament on July 31, 2020 at Grand Falls Casino & Golf Resort in Larchwood, IA. Learn More

  • 07.21.2020

    Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization System from HVAC Elements Provides Protection from SARS-CoV-2 and More

    ​Hospitals and healthcare systems have long understood the importance of protecting patients, staff, and visitors from airborne pathogens. But the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, has made optimal air cleaning "mission critical" for many area institutions. Learn More

  • 06.11.2020

    Monument Health uses advanced air filter system to kill pathogens

    Monument Health is using active air purification systems to neutralize its helicopter exhaust fumes, but the filters have an added benefit: killing the airborne COVID-19 virus. The Rapid City hospital recently installed the active air purification systems within its air handling equipment to neutralize the fumes from its medical helicopters, which land on the rooftop helipad. Learn More

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